Fresh Truffle

Fresh Perigord Black Truffle is available in season, June, July and August.

Truffles are graded for size and quality according to the Australian Truffle Growers Association Draft Specification, and can be brushed or washed to your requirements.

“Extra” Grade Truffle brushed or washed

“First” Grade Truffle brushed or washed

Prices are available on request.

Fresh truffle can be ordered and picked up at the Long Arm Farm Cafe in Oberon. Please use the contact page for orders.


Storing Fresh Truffle
Wrap your truffle in a paper towel and store it in a glass container in the fridge, changing the paper towel daily. Use your truffle as soon as possible as it loses weight and aroma every day.

Using fresh truffle

Slice or grate served at the end of cooking. Usually if you have a dish that serves six people you might use between 15g and 20g of truffle.

Fresh truffle is best with fish, cheese, eggs, dairy and even chocolate. Put it in a jar with eggs to infuse, shave over pasta, polenta or risotto, or squish some into the best cheese toastie you’ll ever have.

The simpler the dish, the better to taste the truffle flavour.

Truffled Products

Truffle Honey – pair with blue cheese, a glaze for pork, a baked ricotta dip

Truffled Salt – flavours any dish, including avocado and poached eggs

All our products are handmade on our truffle farm and contain only  black perigord truffle (Tuber melanosporum) and natural carriers such as salt, honey and butter. Our products do not contain any artificial truffle aroma or other flavours or preservatives.

About Truffle Oil
Food scientists are able to create a similar synthetic aroma to a fresh truffle that is derived from petrochemicals in a laboratory.

Almost all commercial truffle oil is made using this synthetic flavour and so can be stored for a longer period of time. Homemade truffle oil should be used within a few days, or the truffle aroma will be lost. Make your own using a light oil and grate truffle in it. Use within a few days as the truffle will grow bacteria if stored too long.

We do not make truffle oil.

If the label on the jar or bottle says truffle aroma you know the product is artificially flavoured. We recommend saving your money for the truffle season and enjoying them fresh if you want the real deal.


  • Long Arm Farm Cafe in the main street of Oberon
  • Oberon Visitor’s Centre